How would you introduce your country to a foreign friend? We believe that you’d start by describing the key features of your home country, its people, nature, the place you were born or grew up in. Multon has come up with another unconventional way to do this: by pouring… a glass of juice. So this is how it works.

Russia is the largest country in the world, with an area of more than 17 million square kilometers, spanning as many as 11 time zones from East to West, uniting different cultures. Every region of the large country has local fruits and berries that local residents are proud of, and the variety is so wide that it has inspired Dobry, the country’s No.1 juice brand, to create a new line of juices named “Corners of Russia”.

New juices offer a way to introduce local flavors to people from other regions, or even from other countries. The line “Corners of Russia” includes three flavors, each of them reflects the part of the country where the similar fruit or berry grows: Pear – fresh and bright taste from gardens in Volga river region, Pomegranate-Grape – the recipe of longevity from Caucasus region, and Plum-Currant-Apple-Cherry – the boost of vitamins from Central Russia.

Another amazing thing is that the new products are unique and absolutely innovative: no other company has produced similar flavor mixes in the all age mass-market juice segment. Consumer tests indicate that more than 80% of all consumers are ready to buy new flavors. The brand is making an effort to surprise and delight consumers, and is succeeding in this spectacularly: Dobry is truly a people’s product, and Dobry flavors always reflect consumer preferences. 

Explore the corners of Russia with Dobry!