Sprite Cucumber hits the shelves of Russian retailers in the last winter month, Russia’s first effervescent beverage… in cucumber flavor!

Sprite in Russia has been a consistently transparent beverage without artificial coloring but with a strong lemon and lime flavor for the past 20 years, while other countries got to see and try other, more experimental flavors every now and then, including menthol, tea, coconut and other flavors. 

These were always attempts to bring a new product to other categories. 

However, we took a completely different path in Russia. We got to thinking: how can we make the beverage even more refreshing, its taste and thirst-quenching capabilities even better, while keeping intact all the things people already love about Sprite. How can we mashup, an organic mixture of old and new, to make the beverage even more striking?

And that was how a new, surprising and refreshing flavor – Sprite Cucumber – was born. 

Why did it have to be cucumber of all things? A consumer survey showed that 98% of the Sprite target audience believe that a cucumber is a great way to quench one’s thirst! Cucumber water is a highly popular beverage at cafés and restaurants, especially in the summertime. However, nobody has yet produced it as a sparkling beverage or in commercial quantities. Cucumber flavor is an excellent solution for the famously thirst-quenching Sprite.

We have been successful in combining in the new Sprite Cucumber flavor everything that makes Sprite so great: the refreshing lemon-and-lime taste – and a new ingredient, cucumber extract. So when you drink the new flavor, it is still definitely Sprite, there’s no doubt about that. And yet, at the same time, you can taste the cucumber flavor, and some light cucumber notes. says Evgenia Lebedeva, Sprite and Schweppes brand manager

Naturally, the new flavor launch will be large-scale, loud, impactful, and lot of fun! Keep an eye for more updates. 

In the meantime, Sprite classic is not going anywhere, it will still be available everywhere. But now you will have a broader choice and a chance to drink both your familiar favorite beverage and the new Sprite Cucumber! 

Are you ready yet to fight your thirst with Sprite Cucumber?