It’s normal when city streets, even entire cities are named after famous people. A famous twin gave his name to Rome, and the US capital bears the name of that nation’s first president, George Washington. You know that already, everybody knows that. However, we can bet you don't know that Coca‑Cola HBC Russia's Rostov-on-Don plant has named a bottling line after its best employees. How did that happen? Hold on, we're going to tell you.

Our Country Supply Chain Director Neil Spickett conceived this unconventional idea:

Coca‑Cola HBC Russia bottling plants operate state-of-the-art equipment, making it possible to automate beverage production as much as possible. However, even the smartest of production lines will not be efficient unless it is operated by skilled employees. People are the key value for our business. This is why we came up with a special motivational program. It is designed to increase efficiency of some production lines and bring fame for heroes who drive passion for excellence every single day. The top prize is to name the most efficient production line after the winning plant team. says Neil Spickett

The program is called “Adopt a line”, because for those who work in production every day the line is like a child: they take care of it, develop and help to become successful. 11  teams from bottling plants worked hard on enhancing the efficiency of their production lines in 2016. Rostov Plant’s Team called “Phoenix” achieved very impressive results, by “raising from the ashes” (just like the legendary bird) a PET line that was in need of substantial improvements, and boosting its productivity by nearly 13%!  

The awards ceremony celebrated the winners on February 17, and now the Rostov PET- line is officially called “Phoenix” and keeps the memory of people who became the part of the Coca‑Cola history.