Many people want to work for a dream company. But how does one get a job like that? And what is a dream company? Russian employment and HR portal uses stats and science methods to identify Russia’s best company to work for and build one’s career in.

There are four indices that help to identify the dream company. The first one of them is the Employee Confidence Index reflecting how stable a company is and how confident its employees are in their future. The second one is the Career Index measuring career growth opportunities available to employees of a company. The third one is the Comfort Index measuring the working conditions a company creates for its employees. And the fourth index is the Happiness Index reflecting how happy employees are with their job and how engaged they are in the higher-level process of social significance. The aggregate sum of these indices is the Leadership Index, and companies that get the most points are the best companies to work for – the dream companies. 

These indices are counted in 3 stages, and it is very important that at first stage these are job seekers and real employees who vote for best companies. Then HR professionals and top-managers give their expert evaluation and finally the short-list of top-30 companies are judged by a jury. 

Coca‑Cola HBC Russia has come out on top of the 2016 Leadership Index. These indices reflect the engagement level which is measured annually at Coca‑Cola HBC Russia. Engagement determines how much employees love what they are doing at work and how happy they are with their employer. Coca‑Cola HBC Russia currently has the employee engagement level of 94%, placing our company among the highest-ranked FMCG companies operating in Russia.

Our employees are the most important asset of Coca‑Cola HBC Russia. We are doing our best to create a very comfortable atmosphere for them, giving them the opportunity to do what they like most, to realize their potential, grown and develop with the company.Our unique corporate culture combines focus on the company’s strategic priorities with opportunities for personal and career growth for every single one of the people working here. We are grateful for placing so high in the index, and we will continue moving towards even more ambitious goals! Irina Petrova, HR Director at Coca‑Cola HBC Russia