The Company has been offering online tours of Coca‑Cola bottling plants for years, but there have been no similar tours of its juice facilities until now. And yet, there are plenty of myths and falsehoods circulating about juices. In order to dot every i and cross every t and finally give the world a full and honest disclosure of all the stages of juice-making at our facilities, Multon has come up with an interactive tour of production of Dobry juice – Russia’s favorite juice brand.

Notably, we based the tour script precisely on the myths and questions consumers tend to worry about one way or another. For example, many people believe that packaged juices are made of low-quality rejected fruit and vegetables, or preservatives are added to them to increase their shelf life. To tell consumers honestly how we made our juices and to dispel all the fears and concerns of the public, we designed a virtual tour – . Now every consumer can carefully inspect all the stages of Dobry juice production to make sure that all possible suspicions are completely unfounded.  

The new tour format offers several unique advantages. First off, it takes only four minutes to see all stages of production through your own eyes and make sure that the best fruit go into making the juice. That's how long the virtual tour takes. It’s short, informative, fun to watch, making it the best possible format for our fast-paced times! Second, the viewers have the unique opportunity to see production stages hidden from guests on an actual facility tour. If you choose to go on an actual, physical plant tour, you will only get to see how production lines make juice, while a virtual tour would enable you to take a stroll around orange orchards. An interactive map will show which countries grow fruit for our juice, and how the fruit are delivered to our plants. The third benefit: if an online visitor gets distracted during a virtual tour (say, takes a break to pour himself a glass of juice), he can always rewind to go back to the point where he wandered off. Benefit four is intuitive navigation. A section of the tour is devoted to every stage of production, all of them are clearly described in a way that makes them clear even to the youngest of viewers. 

Now everyone can visit our juice production plant: all you have to do is visit a dedicated website, take an interactive plant tour, and then tell about it in social media. In fact, just like our brick-and-mortar museum, it has a guestbook with a section for comments and suggestions, where visitors can write down their recommendations on how to make the experience even more useful and more interesting. We will make sure we take every recommendation and comment into consideration!