Our IT engineer Andrey Kovalev was honored as Distinguished Blood Donor of Russia, after giving blood 61 times! Over his years as a blood donor, Andrey has on many occasions dispelled his colleagues’ misconceptions about giving blood. We have asked him to recall what questions about being a blood donor he gets most often.

“I have a common blood type, so nobody needs my blood.” Actually, all types of blood are needed, all the time. Besides, I think that patients who need blood transfusions would most often have the most common blood type.

“I am afraid I am going to feel sick after I give blood, and so I don’t want to give blood early in the day.” You don’t actually need to take any special extended rest to recover after donating blood. Doctors usually recommend sitting still for 10–15 minutes, avoiding physical exertion during the day, and following some simple recommendations for what you should eat.

“Giving blood on a regular basis can cause addiction.” Moderate blood loss (in medically safe quantities) can be stimulating, so there is an opinion that some people can feel happy and elated after giving blood. However, I think that most blood donors are just active and happy people.

“I am only ready to give blood in an emergency; donating blood as a routine is not so important.” I am sure that donors must give blood on a regular basis to keep blood banks stocked all the time. Donating blood and blood components, and testing them takes some time. A regular blood donor gives the safest blood, because he undergoes regular tests and health checkups, both he and the blood clinic would know the state his of health well.

Timely transfusions of blood and blood components can save millions of lives a year: current statistics show that about 1.5 million people in Russia need donors’ blood every day. So only volunteers’ regular blood donations can ensure a steady, reliable supply of blood and blood components. I am proud that our company makes donating blood a priority in our corporate volunteer efforts. I am also proud that the main motive for employees who give blood is their strong sense of civic duty and their desire to do good.
Donor Days are regular at company sites in Russia. More than 20 employees of Nizhniy Novgorod office, who wished to contribute to the rescue of human lives, became donors during “Donor Day” in March.

In our company donation is one of the priorities in corporate volunteering, and we conduct Donor Days on our plants several times a year. The main motivation for employees is a sense of civic responsibility and the desire to do a good deed comments Evgeny Sukhov, regional PA&C Manager