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Example For All Of Us

Our IT engineer Andrey Kovalev was honored as Distinguished Blood Donor of Russia, after giving blood 61 times! Over his years as a blood donor, Andrey has on many occasions dispelled his colleagues’ misconceptions about giving blood. We have asked him to recall what questions about being a blood donor he gets most often.

It’s Official: Coca‑Cola HBC Named As Russia’s Best Employer

Many people want to work for a dream company. But how does one get a job like that? And what is a dream company? Russian employment and HR portal Rabota.ru uses stats and science methods to identify Russia’s best company to work for and build one’s career in.

How juice is made? Find out on a virtual tour of juice production!

The Company has been offering online tours of Coca‑Cola bottling plants for years, but there have been no similar tours of its juice facilities until now. And yet, there are plenty of myths and falsehoods circulating about juices. In order to dot every i and cross every t and finally give the world a full and honest disclosure of all the stages of juice-making at our facilities, Multon has come up with an interactive tour of production of Dobry juice – Russia’s favorite juice brand.

Making History: The Name Behind The Line

It’s normal when city streets, even entire cities are named after famous people. A famous twin gave his name to Rome, and the US capital bears the name of that nation’s first president, George Washington. You know that already, everybody knows that. However, we can bet you don't know that Coca‑Cola HBC Russia's Rostov-on-Don plant has named a bottling line after its best employees. How did that happen? Hold on, we're going to tell you.


Taste of the Country

How would you introduce your country to a foreign friend? We believe that you’d start by describing the key features of your home country, its people, nature, the place you were born or grew up in. Multon has come up with another unconventional way to do this: by pouring… a glass of juice. So this is how it works.


Sprite Cucumber Puts An End To Thirst

Sprite Cucumber hits the shelves of Russian retailers in the last winter month, Russia’s first effervescent beverage… in cucumber flavor!


Myth Busters: Why do Coca‑Cola plants welcome visitors for more than 20 years

More than 730,000 people have visited Coca‑Cola HBC Russia bottling plants on facility tours over the past 20-plus years. The company even has a special full-time position for this purpose – an expert tour guide. A professional plant tour guide from Saint Petersburg, Alexandra Sakhapova, shares the secrets of her job.