Water is vital for the health of us all. It’s a safe and enjoyable way of getting the refreshment and hydration we need to lead a healthy and well-balanced life.


Pure drinking water BonAqua appeared in Germany in 1988 and gradually conquered the entire European market. Residents of Russia met BonAqua in 1994.

Bonaqua Viva

BonAqua Viva is a pure drinking water with a fruity taste. It was first marketed in Russia in May 2008. With its stylishly shaped plastic bottle and sports cap, BonAqua Viva is very convenient to have to hand.


Smartwater - non-carbonated drinking water, purified, with the addition of mineral salts. Inspired by the brilliant idea of nature, we decided to create Smartwater by repeating the cycle of the natural water cycle: we turn water from a natural source into steam, collect it and get crystal clear water. We go further and add “smart electrolytes” to it - a complex of minerals for a clean and fresh taste. So it turns out Smartwater.


Functional drink with healthy minerals, which has the qualities necessary for modern consumers:

  • light refreshing taste of lemon and lime;
  • low calorie content: only 14 kcal per 100 ml;
  • high content of nutrients (zinc, magnesium and vitamin E).