Sparkling drinks

Our average volume share for sparkling drinks in our markets is 50 percent. We are one of the leading suppliers of sparkling soft drinks in our markets. 

People across our markets enjoy our sparkling soft drinks brands as they look for interesting, flavourful drinks which will keep them refreshed and hydrated, helping them to maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

We offer consumers a broad choice between sugared, 'low sugar' and 'sugar-free' sparkling soft drinks in a diverse range of packaging that's designed to match today's diverse lifestyles.


The most popular soft drink and the most valuable beverage brand in the world. The Coca‑Cola formula, invented by pharmacist John Smith Pemberton in Atlanta in 1886, is one of the best-kept trade secrets of all time.

Coca‑Cola Zero

Coke Zero was Coca‑Cola's largest product launch in 2005, reaching billion-dollar status in 2007. Coca‑Cola Zero offers great the Coke taste, uplifting refreshment and zero sugar. Coca‑Cola Zero was launched in Russia in 2015.

Coca‑Cola Vanilla

Coca ‑ Cola Vanilla is a taste that has long been familiar and loved by millions of Russians, which was first introduced to the Russian market in 2003. On social networks, nostalgic posts about vanilla Coca ‑ Cola appeared with enviable regularity. And so we decided to please our most devoted fans and fully return Coca-Cola Vanilla in the summer of 2019.

Coca‑Cola Energy

Coca ‑ Cola Energy is the first energy drink under the Coca‑Cola brand on the Russian market. When creating Coca ‑ Cola Energy, the company was guided by consumer expectations for energy drinks, and the bright original packaging reflects the dynamism of the new product. The drink does not contain taurine - the composition of the novelty includes caffeine from natural sources, guarana extract and B vitamins. Thus, Coca ‑ Cola Energy includes ingredients that will appeal to consumers of various categories of drinks.


Fanta was first produced in Germany in 1941. Today, this orange drink is loved by people around the world for its bright refreshing taste. In Russia we produce orange and citrus flavours.


This lemon-lime drink was first introduced in the United States in 1961. Today, it’s sold in 190 countries and the fourth most popular carbonated soft drink in the world.


Schweppes is the oldest soft drink in the world, first manufactured by a German watchmaker and amateur scientist in the late eighteenth century. Schweppes Tonic and Schweppes Bitter Lemon are used as mixers to produce popular cocktails.