Visit a Plant

Visit a plant

We've been welcoming organised groups of visitors to our plants for more than 20 years.

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From schoolchildren and students to consumer groups, people enjoy seeing how their favourite drinks are made and learning more about one of Russia’s leading businesses.

Visitors to our plants will learn:

  • How we produce our wide range of soft drinks

  • How we minimise our impact on the environment

  • The ways in which we support local communities

  • The career development opportunities we offer


people have visited our plants

If you would like to arrange a group visit to one of our plants, please call the Public Affairs and Communications department for the region in which the plant is located or book online below:

Phone +7 (495) 6609978

Phone +7 (495) 6609978

Phone +7 (812) 3631021

Phone +7(846) 3792780

Phone +7 (8634) 259 999

Phone +7 (343) 3761561

Phone +7 (3912) 555900; +7 (3912) 555910

Phone +7 (3822) 106160

Phone +7 (4232) 308608

Phone +7 (495) 7879905

As our plant tour programmes are very popular, we recommend that you book your visit at least a month in advance (in some regions more than one month’s notice is required). Unfortunately, we cannot accept visitors without a prior booking. 

A young woman volunteers at a food bank with her team A young woman volunteers at a food bank with her team

Tour information

  • Tours are free of charge and conducted by a trained guide

  • The maximum number of people in one group is 30

  • Tours are in Russian (English tours may be available in some regions)

  • The tour lasts 1.5 hours