Procurement approach

It’s one of Coca‑Cola HBC's main principles to purchase raw materials from local suppliers in all 28 countries in which we operate.

This approach helps to reduce logistics costs and minimise our potential impact on the environment, as well as to deliver socio-economic benefits to local communities.

In Russia, up to 90 percent of our purchases are made from materials supplied by local contractors. For comparison, in 1998 we imported 90 percent of the raw materials and packaging used in the production process. Michael Popov, Procurement manager, Coca‑Cola HBC Russia

Sustainable supply chain

We work with our suppliers to build a sustainable supply chain. We invest in joint value creation programmes, ranging from developing climate-friendly cold drink equipment to increasing local beet sugar production. 

Our dedication to quality sourcing is what helps us produce a diverse range of award-winning sparkling drinks, fruit juices, mineral waters, sports and energy drinks and ready-to-drink teas.

  • 5,000 suppliers delivering goods and services to Coca‑Cola HBC Russia
  • 80-90% of raw materials and packaging purchased in Russia from local suppliers

Recognising our suppliers

As part of the way we assess and manage supplier relationships and performance, we recognise our best company suppliers in an annual awards ceremony. We assess suppliers on whether they have established and consistently maintained exceptional performance in all areas and achieved top scores in the cross-functional evaluation process.