It is twice as difficult to stay at the top than to climb there. Nevertheless, the staff of the Coca‑Cola HBC plant in Yekaterinburg have managed to do just that. For the second time in a row this plant has been named the best for ‘Quality’ among the 272 plants of the Coca‑Cola system in Eurasia and Africa.

Such an impressive achievement is like winning the Olympics twice. Neil Spickett, Coca‑Cola HBC Russia Manufacturing Director

Moreover, there are lots of athletes who became Olympic champions several times while the Yekaterinburg plant’s success is unique. None of the Coca‑Cola system plants have retained the palm of victory for two years in succession.

The ranking of plants is established in the following way: experts from an independent laboratory procure products samples in local sales points on a monthly basis and examine them for compliance with core quality standards. On completion of testing, all Yekaterinburg beverages' indexes were equal to 100 percent!

However, this doesn’t mean to say that other plants manufacture lower-level goods. For instance, the Krasnoyarsk plant can be proud of the highest possible indexes as well. But the comprehensive system of calculations revealed that the Yekaterinburg plant operates a little bit more effectively.

The cornerstone of our success is a rigorous adherence to the standards throughout the production cycle. In the meantime, competent management, painstaking analysis of customers’ requests and coordination of activities in related areas count for much. Lyudmila Rumyantseva, quality manager of the Yekaterinburg plant

The employees of the Yekaterinburg plant realise that international recognition brings additional responsibility. So they aren’t going to rest on their laurels and will work on further improvements to product quality.