Coca‑Cola Hellenic Russia has united with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent and the Russian Red Cross to provide emergency supplies of drinking water to more than 1,200 people in the Sotsgorodok (Community District) Residential Area, Kamenomostsk, Maikop District, Republic of Adygeya, following disruption of the local water supply system.

During sustained frosts in February water pipes in Kamenomostsk burst open and supplies became contaminated with thawing waters, presenting a risk of spreading contagious diseases .

Coca‑Cola Hellenic Russia responded to the emergency by working together with the Red Cross to deliver 2,800 cases (33,600 liters) of BonAqua still drinking water to the community. The first shipment (1,400 cases) was delivered to residents on March 13 and the second shipment is scheduled for early April. In total, the district population will be provided with a full five days’ stock of BonAqua water.

Alexander Alekseevich Kushnerov, acting Head of the Administration of Kamenomostsk, Maikop District, said that the joint effort by Coca‑Cola Hellenic and the Red Cross was very welcome. He explained that local authorities efforts to organize water deliveries were hampered as their tank trucks are not sufficient to cope with the task. Until the water supply system gets back to its full capacity, residents need 1-2 such tank trucks carrying a total of 6,000 liters of clean water with 5 litres per person as a minimum in order to support their daily requirements.

Zaurek Kumpilov, Chairman of the Adygeyan Republican Department of the Russian Red Cross, said “Accidents like this one, particularly in the winter period and in regions with limited access to high quality drinking water jeopardize the quality of life. We are happy that Coca‑Cola Hellenic Russia showed understanding of our predicament, swiftly providing safe water and assistance with transportation.