November 16, 2015, Nizhniy Novgorod, Coca‑Cola Hellenic and Multon announced Go Live of Russia’s Business Service Organization – BSO, with 270 mln rubles investments. This internal service organization will take care of many standardized finance transactions for Coca‑Cola Hellenic and Multon on country level. Within this project, we implemented our 2-years development plan in Nizhniy Novgorod together with opening in 2013 the Customer Care Centre. Thus, long-term investments in strengthening and developing teams of centralized business support functions allowed us to create in total 293 new high-qualified jobs in the region in the course of 2 years.

"The launch of the BSO in Russia is one of the key initiatives of the Coca‑Cola Hellenic and Multon in 2015. BSO as an internal service organization which aims to increase Company effectiveness and productivity while developing a self-service culture. It will enable us to provide high-quality, non-core but mission critical services to our business partners, both our customers and our suppliers. By taking care of the transactional part of our business, BSO will allow all business functions to focus and improve performance on their respective core activities", - says  Stefanos Vafeidis, Manager Director of   Coca‑Cola Hellenic in Russia.

After the Coca‑Cola Hellenic Group BSO introduction in Sofia back in 2011, servicing today 26 countries of our Group, Russia’s BSO in Nizhny Novgorod aims to provide quality services to all Russia’s regions, to the Central Support Office in Moscow and to Multon.  Nizhniy Novgorod has a special meaning for the development of our business in Russia. This is not just one of the cities where the Company operates, but it is our country financial center. It is here that our legal entity is registered, here we pay our taxes. The availability of highly qualified and well-educated workforce in Nizhniy Novgorod allows us to place Company’s centralized business support here.

The highly qualified and extremely engaged 172 employees of BSO are supporting Coca‑Cola Hellenic and Multon teams across country in excelling its key activities. They are responsible for transactions support with suppliers, customers, and providing general accounting and reporting. The Coca‑Cola Hellenic BSO is an attractive place to work for young specialists under the age of 35: their share in the team is over 80%. The BSO is located in the building adjoining the main premises of the Company on 66 Bauman Street.

BSO in Russia leads by Gagik Danielyan , previously the General Manager of the Company in Armenia. He has been with the Coca‑Cola System for almost 20 years. His career started in the financial department in Moscow in 1996. It was followed by 7 years of work in different regions, after which he headed the business in Armenia, where Gagik and his team demonstrated very high business results.  "Despite the difficult economic situation, the largest companies of the Nizhny Novgorod region continue to invest in the business. We will continue to strengthen the investment advantages of the region ", - said the  Minister of investment, land and property Relations Natalia Kazachkova .

Company implements a number of sustainable social development projects in Nizhniy Novgorod, such as  "Green Teams", "Christmas Caravan", "Living Volga". Company supports promoting active healthy living which includes annual football tournaments among children and teenagers "Leather Ball – Coca‑Cola Cup" organized in cooperation with the Russian Football Union. Since 2013 Company has been the official supplier of beverages for the International Business Summit.