Tips for success

As we want you to be successful, our managers have prepared some tips to help you through the process.

The application form
  • Enter your information accurately so we can contact you
  • Be frank and honest; a distinctive application is an opportunity to make people remember you at this first selection stage
  • Check through your application before sending it!
The telephone interview in English
  • If you start to feel nervous, breathe in and imagine that you are speaking to your American friend by Skype
  • Don’t switch to Russian whatever happens
  • Don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t understand something
  • Give detailed answers, demonstrating your great knowledge of English
The interview
  • Be open when answering questions and look at the interviewer
  • Try to ask your questions at the first stage of the interview so you don’t get distracted later on
  • Think what you would like to talk about beforehand so you don’t get confused during the conversation
The test
  • Concentrate and give fast and precise answers
  • Keep an eye on timing and choose a time and a place for the test where you won’t get distracted
  • First answer the questions you are confident about; then return to the ones that you’re not sure of – and Apply now the right answer
  • When you’ve finished, if you have any time left, look through your answers once more. And then send it!
The assessment centre
  • The night before, try to get enough sleep so you feel fresh the next day
  • Dress appropriately – a neat appearance will win you bonus points
  • When carrying out the tasks, keep track of time, read the questions carefully and give precise answers
  • Even if you feel you’ve failed on one task, try to concentrate and complete the other tasks successfully
  • Don’t forget to smile!
Accepting a job offer
  • Breathe out! Yes, you’ve successfully passed all the selection stages and have been offered a job at Coca‑Cola HBC Russia
  • Start by saying thank you to the person who gave you the good news
  • If you have any questions about paperwork or working terms, now’s the last chance to clarify everything
  • And that’s everything! It’s time to sign the job offer
  • Tell everyone about it!