Success stories

We’re proud of the Management Trainee Programme participants who have successfully completed the two-year course and become part of our Coca‑Cola HBC Russia team!

Meet some of them here and hear their inspirational stories.

Sergey S.

Programme: 09/01/2013 – 09/01/2015

Position: Production and technical services manager, Ekaterinburg

“My decision to take part in the Programme was affected by the fact that I didn’t see any room for growth at my previous position (design engineer at a small factory) and felt stuck. An offer to work in Coca‑Cola HBC Russia with the chance of a managerial position inspired me.

Sergei, Management Trainee Programme, Coca-Cola HBC Russia
What would I recommend say to next year's candidates? First of all, you should love what you do. Sergey S.

I didn’t quite imagine what I would have to face in reality. However, soon I had a feeling that the only way to keep up with the Programme was to be effective and efficient. This turned out to be correct. There were a great many special moments, but most of all I remember working as a merchandiser during an internship in a sales department. When I was studying at university, I had a lot of side jobs: loader, hospital attendant, security guard, taxi driver and more, but putting bottles onto shelves eight hours a day for a month really is a challenge, especially on 31 December. You put a box of juice onto a shelf, bend down for another one only to find out that the first one is already gone...

 If this job appeals to you, you’ll make it no matter how difficult/fearful/strange it is. Secondly, set precise goals for yourself. The SMART principle is a useful thing, they’ll teach you how to use it. Third, work hard. The following words from the HR manager in Russia have stuck in my mind: 'You cannot make a career working eight hours a day. Outstanding results require outstanding efforts.'”

Natalya V.

Programme: 09/01/2013 – 09/01/2015

Current position: Marketing supervisor, the Ural-Center territory

“There's a good expression – 'In the absence of serious food for thought, the imagination turns to dangerous and foolish things'. Having read about the Management Trainee Programme, I understood that it was “serious food”.

I had a great desire to work not just in a large international company, but in a company which would give me an opportunity to deepen my expertise in the marketing field and participate in various projects. I wanted to learn and grow, and that is why I sent off my application without a second thought. Frankly, the reality surpassed all my expectations of the Programme. I longed for a lot of interesting work and I got it.


I wanted to learn and grow ... frankly, the reality surpassed all my expectations of the Programme. I longed for a lot of interesting work and I got it. Natalya V.

I learnt to look for possibilities, not excuses. Before working here, it was quite normal for me to accept there were some processes which are beyond your control, you cannot solve them and you should not try. Anyway, there’s always an explanation: 'I don’t know how to use it, I don’t know how it works, that’s why I didn’t do it'. The company changed my attitude dramatically. I learnt to look for possibilities. Now I do things that were impossible for me earlier. I don’t say 'no, I don’t know, I reach for a solution, involving as many people as necessary.

I would recommend future Management Trainee Programme participants not to be afraid to do more than is expected from you and to be ready to work hard. Also, resilience and the ability to withstand external factors that could get in the way of your goals are very important.”

Anastasia R.

Programme: 09/01/2014 – 05/01/2016

Current position: Commercial capabilities supervisor, Sales Department

“The Programme did surpass all my expectations. I was very lucky to get into sales training, which is a very dynamic department implementing lots of innovations.


You think you know what you should expect, but every day practice proves the opposite! Anastasia R.

Of course, working within the Programme was not always fun, but complicated tasks just motivate me! It’s hard to pick one thing that helped me reach my current position, as there were a great number of people working on developing intern managers like me – the training and development department, employees of related departments where I managed to work as an intern, and, of course, my tutors and mentors. The greatest (and also most useful) experience was working in the sales department. A completely different rhythm of work, every day there is something new happening. You think you know what you should expect, but every day practice proves the opposite!

Taking part in the Programme is a chance for personal success. If you're not afraid of difficult, but interesting challenges, then you should be in this Programme!”