Business developers

what do you need to become a business developer

Diploma? Similar work experience? No.

The thirst for development is what really matters. Our priority is your skills and qualities ...


2017.06.21 Coca-Cola Moscow MP-0359 2017.06.21 Coca-Cola Moscow MP-0359


Working in a dynamic role, you’re driven by achievements and go the extra mile to bring results, because you believe that stretching and challenging yourself is the best and fastest way to grow. You always strive to get better at what you do.

Coca-Cola HBC Moscow, RussiaCredit: Ed Robinson Coca-Cola HBC Moscow, RussiaCredit: Ed Robinson


You easily build sincere trusting relationship with customers because you enjoy working with diverse people and genuinely care about their business needs. Besides collaborating well with customers, you are eager to share with and learn from your colleagues, to win together as team.

Agile Agile


You love a good challenge and can shift gears easily, adapting yourself to new situations, solving problems on the go, turning each day into another success or learning – this is what keeps your energy levels high.

Typical selection process

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Benefits to your career

Unlimited growth opportunities


The best training and development system on the FMCG market. Improve your skills in our Sales Academy, achieve impressive results and gain recognition

Legendary brands


We manufacture and sell over 130 of the most renowned international and local brands. Our product portfolio is constantly growing and meets the consumer's requestя

The best resources


You will receive not only the support of the team and the best business experts, but also everything you need for successful work: a corporate car, a special tablet and convenient electronic systems.