Coca‑Cola HBC has a rich heritage and an exciting future – from the creation of Coca‑Cola in 1886 to being one of the leaders in the FMCG market in Russia.

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In the beginning

  • Coca‑Cola is created by John S Pemberton in 1886 and served at Jacob’s Pharmacy

  • By 1895, Coca‑Cola is sold and consumed in every state in the US

  • In 1899 the rights to bottle Coca‑Cola are sold by Asa Candler to Benjamin F Thomas and Joseph B Whitehead of Chattanooga, Tennessee for $1

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Coca‑Cola comes to Russia

  • 1979 Coca‑Cola drinks are introduced in Russia in advance of the Moscow Olympics

  • 1988 The first Coca‑Cola vending machine is installed in the Mezhdunarodnaya hotel in Moscow

  • 1989  The first advertising hoarding in Pushkin Square, Moscow features The Coca‑Cola Company

  • 1991 The Coca‑Cola Company decides to start a long-term investment programme in Russia

Moscow plant Moscow plant

A local business with international roots

  • 1994 A Coca‑Cola plant in Moscow launches – the first one built from scratch

  • 1995 Coca‑Cola opens a plant in St Petersburg

  • 1996 Coca‑Cola plant in Krasnoyarsk launched

  • 1997 Coca‑Cola plants in Novosibirsk, Samara and Vladivostok started

  • 1998 Coca‑Cola plant in Yekaterinburg launched

  • 2001 All The Coca‑Cola Company’s plants in Russia, as well as its bottling rights, were acquired by Europe’s largest bottler, Coca‑Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (Coca‑Cola HBC)

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  • 2005  Coca‑Cola HBC acquires Multon, a Russian juice company

  • 2007  Coca‑Cola HBC acquires the Aquavision production facility

  • 2010  We start distributing Brown-Forman products in Russia

  • 2010  Our plant in the Rostov region launches – it’s our biggest plant in Eastern Europe

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  • Coca‑Cola HBC achieves a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange

  • Coca‑Cola HBC is listed first in Europe and second in the world among beverage companies according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

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  • Coca‑Cola in Russia is an honoured partner of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and takes part in the Olympic Torch Relay

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  • We open a Business Service Organisation in Nizhny Novgorod to support our business across Russia

  • We start distributing Monster Energy products in Russia

FIFA bottle Russia-Spain 4-3 (4) FIFA bottle Russia-Spain 4-3 (4)


  • Coca Cola in Russia is Official partner of the FIFATM World Cup

11 Марта 2019 (76) 11 Марта 2019 (76)


  • Coca Cola in Russia is an official partner and supplier of drinks of the XXIX World Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk
  • Launch of Youth Empowered educational program for youth
  • Coca Cola in Russia is an official partner and supplier of drinks of WorldSkills in Kazan