We’re one of the world’s largest bottlers of brands of The Coca‑Cola Company.




Our Customer Care Centre means we can respond to your needs promptly and effectively. If you'd like to order products, get technical support for cold drink equipment, start working with us or have any questions or concerns, simply ring the 24/7 free customer hotline on 7 800 700 7777.

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Visit a plant

We've been welcoming organised groups of visitors to our plants for more than 20 years.


Search and apply

Coca‑Cola HBC Russia is a place where talented people can grow and reach their full potential. Here’s where you can search for the opportunity that’s right for you.

Coca‑Cola in Russia Sustainability report 2018






We're an active member of the Russian community, bringing economic benefits through our core business activities while also supporting community investment programmes.


Production step-by-step

From moulding and water purification through to packaging and storage.

How juice is made? Find out on a virtual tour of juice production!

The Company has been offering online tours of Coca‑Cola bottling plants for years, but there have been no similar tours of its juice facilities until now. And yet, there are plenty of myths and falsehoods circulating about juices. In order to dot every i and cross every t and finally give the world a full and honest disclosure of all the stages of juice-making at our facilities, Multon has come up with an interactive tour of production of Dobry juice – Russia’s favorite juice brand.

Life at Coca‑Cola HBC Russia

A local company with international roots

Coca‑Cola HBC is one of the largest bottlers and vendors of The Coca‑Cola Company. We've been producing and delivering non-alcoholic soft drinks of the highest quality consistently since 1981.

Crushed PET bottles for recycling

Creating and sharing value

Sustainability is integrated across every aspect of our business as we look to create and share value for all our stakeholders.

Water bottle filling line

Sustainability approach and performance

Sustainability is an indispensable part of the Coca‑Cola HBC culture. Through our business model, we’re building a sustainable business, creating and sharing value for all our stakeholders.

How do you make Coca‑Cola?

Go behind the scenes at our Moscow plant to see how we produce one of the world's most famous drinks.

A world-class portfolio

Brand portfolio

About our business

Coca-Cola HBC map of operations

Delivering for our customers

We manage our operations in the best interest of our customers, suppliers and employees, aiming for operational excellence across the value chain.

Our vision, strategy and purpose

Coca‑Cola HBC's vision is to be the leading beverage company in every country in which it does business; our strategy, values and purpose support this goal.

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Relationship with The Coca‑Cola Company

Coca‑Cola HBC is a bottling partner of The Coca‑Cola Company and a member of the Coca‑Cola system, the most extensive beverage distribution system in the world.

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